About Shanghai Biennale

About the Shanghai Biennale


Launched in 1996, the Shanghai Biennale is not only the first international biennial of contemporary art on the Chinese mainland, but also one of the most influential in Asia. In 2012, the PSA became the main organizer and permanent exhibition location of the Shanghai Biennale. From ‘Open Space’ in 1996, to ‘Inheritance and Exploration’ in 1998, ‘Spirit of Shanghai’ in 2000, ‘Urban Creation’ in 2002, ‘Techniques of the Visible’ in 2004, ‘Hyper Design’ in 2006, ‘Translocalmotion’ in 2008, ‘Rehearsal’ in 2010, ‘Reactivation’ in 2012, ‘Social Factory’ in 2014, ‘Why Not Ask Again’ in 2016, and ‘Proregress’ in 2018, the Biennale has always maintained Shanghai as its primary focus. It upholds the mission of supporting academic and cultural innovation, while continuously tracking social changes and trends in knowledge production in a global context with an open view. Gathering in Shanghai every two years, the Biennale has also become a large-scale platform for the exhibition and discussion of contemporary art.



Themes of Previous Shanghai Biennales

1996 - "Open Space"

1998 - "Inheritance and Exploration"

2000 - "Spirit of Shanghai"

2002 - "Urban Creation"

2004 - "Techniques of the Visible"

2006 - "Hyper Design"

2008 - "Translocalmotion"

2010 - "Rehearsal"

2012 - "Reactivation"

2014 - "Social Factory"

2016 - "Why not Ask Again?"

2018 - "Proregress"